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25 years
team 50+ people
1000+ projects
200+ brands
5 showrooms

We invite you to meet each other and together make your dreams to come true!


Since 1994 our company has been distributing the best Italian furniture to USA. Through all these years of successful work we’ve provided with high quality appliances thousands of homes. With experience came the insight that it’s time has come to give our customers not only furniture, but also professional design services. A correctly created design project gave a perfect result – a comfortable house with a convenient layout and in accordance with modern trends.

Collaboration with large construction companies has led to successfully completed large projects such as condos, neighborhoods, etc.

Our clients are famous names, luxury real estate, and the geography of objects is widespread throughout the United States.

A team of professionals works on each object
– designers and architects
– contractors with a team of engineers and foremen
– project managers who are responsible for deliveries on time and within your budget We invite you to get to know each other better and together make your dreams come true!


When starting a renovation, it is important to take a responsible approach to the choice of a team that brings your wishes to life. If the team consists of professionals with successful experience in collaboration,works well, the repairs will be efficient and fast. That is why preference should be given to those who are ready to provide all these services in one place.

interior design team

A team of professional designers will not only help you choose the right materials, furniture and light in accordance with all the rules of composition and building codes, but also show you how it will turn out in the end using 3D visualization. And also relieves you of the need to explain all the details to builders

thousands of brands

A large assortment of goods from Europe will not leave youindifferent and a puzzle will certainly come up from those details that you have always dreamed of. High quality products will delight you for decades, and proper space planning will help you arrange everything you need within the space that you have.

construction team

How long your future home will remain fresh and neatdepends on the construction team. You can entrust such a responsible task only to professionals, and it is best to convey your ideas to them with the help of drawings, so there will never be questions why it was not done the way you wanted. Everything will be documented and the responsibility for maintaining the original design will be ours.

The design project may include

  • Dimensional drawing, taking the dimensions of premises, taking into account all details and nuances

  • Proposal for the arrangement of furniture. The layout of the premises and materials proposal

  • Visualization – a realistic image of your interior, where you can change, delete and add something before the renovation begins

  • Draft project in 3D. After it, there is a discussion of all the details, colors up to the decor

  • The working project will become a link between you and the builders, who will not call you with questions every hour and clarify what you meant